Genuine Conversations Media



A campaign addressing intercultural communication on Franklin University Switzerland’s multicultural campus. After extensive research, we identified the need for students to share their humanity without the label of culture. Drawing from the international sensation of Humans of New York, we utilized social media as the lingua franca to present the stories of Franklin students in order to celebrate and unite the students through their multifaceted identities.

We conducted in depth conversations with various students around campus to reveal something unique about them other than just their cultural background. Our team transcribed the interviews, selected relevant excerpts, scheduled the posts on Facebook along with a photo of the student, and finally submitted the draft to the featured student for approval. We created a carefully organized content calendar to manage our work and kept our identities silent so as not to distract from the students we featured. At the end of the campaign we compiled a comprehensive report to present to the student body and administrative staff.

The campaign ran for 7 months and was a huge success. Not only did our efforts ignite conversation by students on campus, parents of students also began engaging with the platform. It became a way for students to look past cultural identity and connect through shared feelings and experiences.