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A showcase of the amazing projects I’ve worked on and genuine people I’ve worked with.


Lia Griffith Media is a subscription-based website that focuses on delivering easy-to-follow inspiration, templates, techniques, tools and tutorials for those looking to enrich their everyday lives through craft. Lia Griffith herself is an absolute crafting celebrity and has appeared on The Today Show, Top Chef, Real Simple, The Knot and more. My role as a Member Experience Manager and Digital Marketing Analyst has assisted Lia and her team by helping them acquire and retain their current membership base of over 8,400 international paying members.


- Social Media strategy, scheduling, and management (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube)

- Creation of a thriving online member community over 500 strong via a Facebook Group

- Work with executive team to develop a presentation deck and insights for investors

- Provide executives with detailed performance analyses for key business initiatives

- Develop a weekly dashboard to deliver data driven analyses into “why” key performance metrics have improved/worsened for a given period

- Deep dive into customer behavior and synthesize defining behavior insights

- Creation, tracking and testing of a new membership landing page

-  SEO optimized copywriting for daily site blogposts, web pages, product descriptions and brand copy

- Respond to customer service inquiries

- Assist development team in implementing data-driven changes

RESULT: My work with Lia Griffith Media has allowed them to develop the strategies, calculations and implementation they need to maintain a membership base of 8,400 international paying members and a social media following of over 331,000 on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube



Northbooks makes high quality notebooks that are designed, sourced and made in the USA. They sell their products primarily through their Shopify site and Amazon.  I work with Northbooks’ founder and CEO to free up his time and focus.  My work as a Virtual Assistant has allowed Northbooks to expand their customer base to the European market while easing the stress of daily operations within the company.


- Virtual Assistance

- Update product copy

- Manage documents and spreadsheets

- Update inventory

- Respond to customer reviews

- Project management

RESULT: My work has allowed Northbooks to expand their customer base to the European market while easing the stress of daily operations within the company.




Kamili Co. specializes in brand and website design for big hearted entrepreneurs. I worked with the owner and design strategist, Kayla to create all of the copy for the Kamili Co. website and packages. This copy showcased her unique client structure and ability to infuse her passion, love and care into mood boards, logos, websites, and more. Genuine Conversations Media currently partners with Kamili Co. to offer two brand and website design packages. In these packages Kayla creates the design and I curate the copy and social media management. The result is a full branding and custom Squarespace website with content perfected for a flawless virtual storefront.  Explore our Verbalize and Socialize packages here.


- Curated website copy for entire site

- Package copy and CTAs

- Verbalize Package (complete brand design, website design, custom website copy)

- Socialize Package (complete brand design, website design, custom website copy, social media strategy)



You may have heard of the ever popular TED Talks. TEDx is a part of this phenomenon. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to discuss ideas worth spreading. TEDxLugano operates in the Italian speaking town of Lugano Switzerland. I worked with TEDxLugano to create a cohesive, compatible and innovative team of 9 people. Together we selected the conference theme - Future Wealth. From there I worked closely with our Speaker’s Curator to select and curate unique speakers ranging from politicians, to economists, to magicians, to dog trainers . I also edited the TEDX Lugano website to ensure it was grammatically correct and easy to use for our international audience. My biggest task included managing the organization of the conference day timing by creating a minute by minute excel spreadsheet. To accompany that I was also in charge of risk management and handling any event-day emergencies that arose. Together with my talented team members, we produced a successful conference that sparked conversation and curiosity while also connecting the international community in Lugano.


-Project management

- Team Selection and Management

- Theme Selection

- Risk Management

- Event Facilitation

- Branded Copy

- Website Content

RESULT: A successful TED Talks conference that sparked conversation and curiosity while also connecting the international community in Lugano.



Info4africa is a non-profit NGO located in Durban South Africa. Their team works diligently to provide directories that connect South Africans to their nearest health care providers. They also serve the local community by sponsoring free networking and capacity building forms across KwaZulu Natal. In the short span of 3 months I worked with i4a to transform their directories into an easy to use mobile application connecting users to rape support, counseling, home-based care, shelters, clinics and more in a matter of seconds. I worked with app developers and translators to ensure the application menu included language options such as Afrikaans, English, isiZulu, and isiXhosa. This mobile application went on to win 3 Mobile Marketing Association Smarties Awards in 2017.

During my time in Durban I also conducted a communications audit for info4africa and developed a company mission statement to showcase their most important brand value - connection. I implemented this value further by writing employee bios to feature on i4a’s Facebook page during Women’s Month. I also created a company-wide social media policy to address company policies on employee use and risk management for social media pages. Finally, I conducted a 2 hour employee workshop to share how to optimize social media to build meaningful connections with their community.


-Product Development

- Branded Copy

- Mission Statement

- Bios

- Mobile Application

- Product Testing Focus Groups

- Communications Audit

- Social Media Policy

- Employee Workshop

RESULT: A successful mobile application that works to connect South African communities with their nearest care providers. This app went on to win 3 Mobile Marketing Association Smarties Awards in 2017.



Win With Success is a sales and brand consulting firm based in Portland, OR. They provide sales trainings, branding software, consumer experience reports, podcasts and brand management tools in order to bring success to individuals and their businesses. I worked with WWS to increase their brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.  I used Canva to create quality images and Hootsuite to schedule the posts. I organized my work in a content calendar in the form of an Excel spreadsheet containing post themes, links, text, and hashtags. Together we discovered how to unlock success and unleash victory. 


-Project Management

- Branded Copy

- Mission Statement

- Bios

- Sales Pages

- Landing Pages

- Press Releases

- List of Services

- Website Content and Edit

- Podcasts

- Sales Copy for Social Media Posts

- Social Media Management

RESULT: 1,011% increase in engagement , generated over 2,000 Instagram followers

wws logo.png



Humans of Franklin is a Facebook campaign addressing intercultural communication on Franklin University Switzerland’s multicultural campus. After extensive research, we identified the need for students to share their humanity without the label of culture. Drawing from the international sensation of Humans of New York, we utilized social media as the lingua franca to present the stories of Franklin students in order to celebrate and unite the students through their multifaceted identities. The campaign ran for 7 months and was a huge success. Not only did our efforts ignite conversation by students on campus, but parents of students also began engaging with the platform. It became a way for students to look past cultural identity and connect through shared feelings and experiences.


-Intercultural communication audit

- Needs assessment

- Campus-wide survey

- In-depth interviews

- 7 month Facebook campaign

- Content calendar

-Draft approval

- Comprehensive report and presentation

RESULT: A way for students to look past cultural identity and connect through shared feelings and experiences.