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Win With Success is a sales and brand consulting firm based in Portland, OR. They provide sales trainings, branding software, consumer experience reports, podcasts and brand management tools in order to bring success to individuals and their businesses.  I have worked with WWS in developing their brand copy including writing their company mission statement, bios,and list of services as well as editing their website content. I also produce sales copy in the form of sales and landing pages and press releases for their branding software. Additionally, I tackle many project management tasks in order to organize their inspiring ideas into plans of action.

My other copywriting tasks include writing and conducting Consumer Experience Reports - undercover company evaluations, writing descriptions for the Ultimate Podcast’s weekly episodes, and managing WWS’ social media. I write and schedule 3 posts per week on all of their social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. I use Canva to create quality images and Hootsuite to schedule the posts. My work is organized in a content calendar in the form of an Excel spreadsheet containing post themes, links, text, and hashtags. My work in this area has had massive success, increasing engagement by 1,011% in my first week and generating over 2,000 Instagram followers.