Genuine Conversations Media


My energy healing journey started 3 years ago after returning to the U.S. from attending university in Switzerland. I was finally in the same place as my friends and family and I was supposed to be happy -- I wasn’t. Soon, this unhappiness transformed into a 6-month long illness I couldn’t break. At the end of my rope with doctor’s visits, I reached out to an Energy Healer who uncovered the root cause of my sickness: I missed a place so much it was making me physically sick.

Where? My favorite place in the world -- South Africa.

My husband and I knew we had to go. So we quit our jobs, started our own companies, and headed down south. My mind cleared, my sickness disappeared, and the rest is history!

From that day forward, I began to learn the healing methods that changed my life. I started practicing on friends and family who pushed me to reach out and extend this gift to more people. Today, I work with individuals around the world to identify the sources of their physical and emotional pain; then I release that energy so they can find their purpose once again.

As an Energy Healer, my methods are unlike any other. I operate based on the fact that your body inherently knows its truth and I test accordingly. This is not a therapy session; you can divulge as much or as little as you like. I incorporate customized breathing exercises so we can dive deeper and connect with your body to hear what it is trying to say to you.

Genuine Conversations Media operates under the following 3 values:

My work reflects who I am. Everything I say, do and create is in line with my goal to build a genuine brand that reflects who you are and who you want to become.

My work reflects who I am. Everything I say, do, and create is in line with my goal to connect you with your authentic self and who you want to become.

Outstanding results require outstanding communication. I give my full and honest opinion at all times and expect your honest feedback in return.

This is all about you and your body. To achieve maximum results, I will help you release your own stories that you’ve created. That way, you can be open to what your body wants to tell you without judgement clouding your truth.

I am not satisfied until I deliver results that you and I can both be proud of.

I take great pride in the healing I facilitate. Every session we have leaves a lasting impact that we can both be proud of!