Genuine Conversations Media

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Welcome to my ultimate adventure: Genuine Conversations Media -- a company I created to help those who want to access their authentic truth and power. My work as an Energy Healer targets the sources of emotional and physical blocks/pain to create space so you can charge forward towards the best version of yourself with purpose and clear intent.

We’ll remove any emotional baggage to create space in your body. This will give you the clarity you need to find your focus and fulfill your purpose. That means no more feeling tired, unmotivated, or confused. Instead, you’ll be on your way to feeling renewed, passionate, and empowered.


Every single emotion you feel is valid and has a purpose. In our session, you will be able to understand the why behind your behavior, both past and present, to facilitate new patterns that encourage massive transformation.


My methods allow you to tap into the power of your physical body to identify hidden truths. Sometimes we live too much in our minds and we forget that our bodies also have the power to communicate with us. By listening to what your body is telling you, you can begin to connect the dots of mind and body and witness powerful changes that start to surface.



I'm Jessica, the creator of Genuine Conversations Media. 

I’m not here to “fix” you. I’m here to unlock the power you already have.

Energy healing is the reason I started my business in the first place. It’s the reason I can alleviate my pain and sickness. It’s the reason I now trust 100% of the decisions I make. Now, it’s a gift I want to share with my fellow entrepreneurs and dreamchasers.

Together, we’ll identify the trapped emotions, experiences, imbalances, and fears that are confiscating your time and energy so you can get back to clarity and living in alignment with your truest self. Your purpose and the universe will thank you for it!