Genuine Conversations Media

Copywriting, Virtual Assistance, Social Media Management

Welcome to my ultimate adventure: Genuine Conversations Media - a company I created to connect passionate entrepreneurs to themselves and their most valuable customers. My work as a Social Media Specialist, Copywriter, Virtual Assistant, and Energy Healer showcases the true integrity of your brand to generate organic followers who are passionate about your products and services.

Your business deserves your undivided attention. Let me take care of all the noise that is distracting you from reaching your potential. I’ll provide the clarity you need to free up your time and energy so you can achieve everything you’ve intended and more!


Curating quality content to catapult your brand confidence. I’ll provide you with branded copy and customized strategies that drive authentic engagement. Let’s create something you can be proud of!


I work tirelessly to connect you to organic followers - real customers who are passionate about your brand. Best of all, you won’t lose sight of who you are in the process and you too will feel a deeper connection to your brand purpose.



I'm Jessica, the creator of Genuine Conversations Media. 

My approach as a Social Media Specialist, Copywriter, Virtual Assistant and Energy Healer is unlike any other in the industry. Why? 

Because I DON'T believe in: paying for followers, content clutter, or compromising who you are to make a profit.

Here's what I DO believe in: the power of authentic words, listening is more important than speaking,  and everything is better with chocolate!