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I have facilitated healing sessions on over 60 different individuals and each and every session has made a lasting impact on the people I’ve worked with. Here are some of the genuine thank yous I’ve received…

My energy healing session with Jessica was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. She helped me release old energy blocks and traumas. And afterward, I felt so much better. Besides all of this, she’s an amazing person and such a beautiful soul. Thank you, Jessica!

I met with Jessica not too long ago. I had some apprehensions in the beginning, but the day after, as she accurately put it, I felt different—I felt great! Highly recommended and quite interesting and puzzling method, but helpful for me nonetheless. Thanks Jessica!

This was unlike any other healing I’ve ever had. I was wide awake, on skype with Jessica, she was so friendly and warm it was just like having a chat with an old friend throughout the whole appointment.

I went to Jessica specifically to help with my damaging repetitive behaviour in romantic relationships towards myself, and how it affects those I’m with.

She connected to my energy and was able to identify where my immune system was lacking, and why. She could see that I was holding on to 7 layers of hurtful emotions around my heart and it was stopping me from loving fully. She told me what the emotions were and what year they arrived in my life. I was able to tell her exactly who they came from and that those emotions were my lasting impressions of each relationship. It all made total sense. She was able to release all of these blockages I had been holding on to for years.

As she scanned my body again looking for anything else that may be damaging my energy, I got a shock of adrenaline through my throat. And Jessica said “Ah, your throat chakra is very unbalanced. A guy you were with in 2017 attached a cord to your throat chakra and is sending you hurtful energy there.” She cut the cord.

After the session I felt a bit tired but nothing out of the ordinary. As time went by I began to feel more and more connected to everything around me. My session has changed the way I speak about myself and other people.

For months I had a slightly tight throat. However I woke up the day after my session with Jessica and the restriction in my throat had gone and it has not returned since.

I no longer check my ex’s social media pages either.

The only word I can use to describe how I feel since my sessions is “clean”. I just feel light and happy. Clean. Friends have commented on it too.

I will 100% return to Jessica for future healing sessions. She has a wonderful friendly and nurturing presence and is completely non-judgemental. Thank you so much Jessica, I didn’t realise how much you were going to change my life.

I wanted to let you know that I feel that our session together really helped me heal incredibly well and very quickly from my dental surgery. I did many things to prepare and also to take care of myself post-op, but my soul tells me that the work I did with you was essential to my releasing and my healing. I saw the oral surgeon yesterday, and he and his assistant were amazed at how well I looked and the lack of swelling or bruising.

I have referred a number of people to you and they have been blown away by their process with you. I am very grateful for you and your work in the world and wish you every blessing as you help people on their healing journeys.
— Sharon S.

It feels great to have my spirit back with me again. I do feel shielded - it was much easier to tell negative thoughts to shut up or tell them “it’s okay to feel that way” instead of pushing them away. now.

They don’t have control over me anymore. It truly is easier to smile. I remain hopeful that they’ll stay that way. I feel like I have a choice now in what I feel. Looking most forward to the goals and miracles the future will bring.

In shorter terms, it feels good.

Again, your session was wonderful and your approach was very nice - calm, happy, peaceful. I got a good impression of you. You do seem like a very lovely person too. Before I get carried away, I just wanted to say thank you. I will most definitely book more sessions.

The work you do really does change a life.
— Lilly

I can’t even describe how much better I am feeling. I just ate a whole 6” sandwich. That is how much I have eaten, total, the last 3 days. Better mood-wise, better physically, better emotionally and ready to kick ass!
— Katie