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"Working with Jessica on my website copy was the best blessing any online entrepreneur could ask for! Not only do her words seem to flow out of her like magic, they never failed to be on point with my brand, personality, and vision for my online design studio.

On top from having website copy deeply resonate with who I am as a design strategist, Jessica's professionalism, document organization, and efficient work flow were the icing on the cake of impressive work done spectacularly well. She was highly responsive to feedback, and the end result surpassed all of my expectations.

I'm positive her skills will take her far beyond what she can envision for Genuine Conversations Media and will bless all who get the privilege of working with such a talented and genuine individual. Without a doubt, Jessica will forever be my highest recommendation!"

           Kayla Rodriguez

           Design Strategist, Kamili Co.


"Having worked quite closely with Jessica, I’m always taken aback by her youthful, practical and insightful approach to tasks set before her. Jessica’s commitment to creating and implementing excellent programmes, coupled with a keen ambition to grow and support useful, important campaigns, makes her an asset to any team that would be lucky to have her. Ultimately, Jessica sits on my top ten list of “People I’d Like To Work With Again”; and I know she is already paving her own path towards success, on her terms. "

Catherine Jenkin

Freelance Writer, Columnist, and Communications Consultant, Sea Ess Em Jay

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“I worked closely with Jessica during my time at Lia Griffith Media and loved every second of it. Jessica is diligent, hardworking and consistently gave above and beyond what was asked of her. She possesses a rare combination of skills - she is both creative and analytical and uses both to create content and develop strategies that work! I would highly recommend Jessica and hope that I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

Emily Barnes

Digital Marketer and Brand Strategist

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"I've been working with Jessica for over a year, and I cannot say enough good things about her. She has handily taken on both routine solo tasks and high touch customer interactions. She learns quickly and she gets stuff done on time. Jessica is smart, always positive, and reliable af. With Jess's help, I've been able to focus more on strategy without worrying about things falling apart. If you're considering working with Jessica, it's a no brainer—you should. Just don't take her away from me!"

             Zeb Dropkin

             Maker Northbooks

"Working with Jessica was a real pleasure. She was friendly, super helpful and a delight to work with. We are very happy with the posts she developed for us and thanks to her, we now have a blueprint with which to work from. Jessica truly goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients are happy."

Tracey Meyer

Founder Course Dezine and Moodlin

“I have known Jessica since she was 5; even from that age I knew she was destined to change lives. She is incredibly passionate and committed to the companies she works with, plus her bubbly and vivacious personality makes her an amazing person to have on a team. Her writing – which I have used as a basis and even verbatim in my own writing – breathes life into web pages and posts, and her social media prowess provokes action from the reader. If you’re looking for someone to help invigorate your digital media, Jessica is who you need to work with.”

Jacob Lyda

Top Travel and Health Writer, Medium

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"Jessica worked closely with myself and my team for over a year. Her copywriting and communication skills are amazing and above par! She made communicating with each other and our clients better and more effective."

Tylor Peck

CEO, Win With Success, Inc